LinkedIn Profile

Whether you are active on LinkedIn or not, it is a useful source of information for potential employers and clients. Most of which will be looking at what you have written. 

We can revamp your profile to act as another selling point for you to provide an extra boost towards you landing that job or building the trust of a client and getting that competitive advantage. 

Cover Letter

Yes, Cover Letters are important! A lot of people put little effort into their cover letters or they tend to read like a formal boring template. 

In this option, we can help you write for a specific job to make sure you are addressing the role directly and stand out. 

We'll research the role and organisation you're applying for to align you more closely.

Staff Profiles

What do your staff profiles look like? We can build staff profiles to match your company. This will give your team content they show off on websites or proposals to help potential clients better understand whom they're doing business with. 

Designs are guided by you with content that matters. We write up the selling points that mean the most to clients and ensure that your team is looking better than your competitors.