Interview Advice

Interviews are not something that we tend to get a lot of practice in and rarely do we get the feedback we need to improve. After interviewing 100's of people with a range of different styles, I can help you improve on ways that help you succeed in interviews. 

In our sessions, we will cover points that you are aware of and go through some tips to help you improve further. 

Content Advice

Get relevant with the content of your CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile, book in for a half-hour call to get some helpful advice.

We'll review your current content and give you the best advice as to what will help you stand out to employers. This will be followed up by an email highlighting what was discussed so you can reflect later.

Strengths Advice

Understanding your natural talents is a great way to form a new language to describe yourself in the job application process.  

Using the GallupStrengths assessment, we'll take you through your top 5 natural talents to help you further understand yourself and some of the key elements behind your behavior. Assessment cost at no extra charge.