It is no accident the name of this little business, it seemed fitting since creating it during the COVID lockdown in 2020.  CV Lab has been created to provide advice and a professional CV writing service right from the seat of an ex recruiter, employer, and coach.  There is real chemistry to the creation of a good job application that stands out, rather than one that reads like a horoscope in your local free newspaper. 

The goal of our services is to make things easier when applying for new opportunities, mixing the best parts of who you are with words that are meaningful to you and the decision-maker.  It's not every day that you practice applying for a role or opportunity and with the knowledge that CV Lab can help you with, you'll have a competitive edge that may just land you that dream job.

In addition, CV Lab is there to help those that are having difficulty by providing services like this for free or by payment options, by partnering with recruitment agents across NZ we are doing our best to help give people a chance at a new career.

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