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Mixing your strengths, values, and experience to provide advice and content that gives you a better chance to move into the next opportunity.


CV Lab was created by me (Damian Sicely) during the COVID lockdown of 2020,  to help those who are seeking new opportunities. After being in the recruitment industry, leadership, and sales for over 15 years I wanted to use what I've learned to give back to those that need help presenting the best version of themselves. 


Applying for new opportunities can be an extremely daunting process, finding the right words to describe yourself can be more difficult than expected.  There are multiple ways that I can help you to put yourself towards potential employers or clients that make you stand out from the simple applications that come through. 

We are passionate about helping others and provide lots of charitably work and ways to pay for the service that may be difficult for some. All you need to do is ask and we will see what we can do at the time. 

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Getting into the space to search for a new job can be extremely daunting and there is a lot of unknown information out there.  With our advice sessions, you will come away with the information you need to feel more confident in your ability and how to be in an interview. 

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Content Writing

Fitting your life story into a 1-3 page document for strangers to read is something that most people struggle with. With our writing services, we get to know you for you and write content that you feel comfortable putting forward for a new opportunity.

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